What Amazon Consumers Say About Cheap iPhone Chargers

Cheap iPhone chargers aren’t actually that cheap at all. In fact, since you’ll be buying a new one every few weeks, you’re actually paying more than you’d spend if you had just bought a real one. It gets worse—cheap cables sometimes don’t work...or they might even explode…Seriously. We scoured the reviews section of the world’s [...]

How To Keep Your IPhone And Charger Sparkling Clean And Just Like New

You wouldn’t dare leave the house wearing a muddy T-shirt, so why let your iPhone and charger get all smudged and dusty? After all, your phone says just as much about you as your fashion accessories (don’t believe me? Just think about the weird kid sitting in the back row with his flip phone). Not [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Cheap iPhone Chargers

surfing the web your and seeing the battery drop into the red... Time is running out. iPhone happens to be a product that millions of people across the world invest in chargers. Apple products aren’t the cheapest though. It’s hard to resist the temptation of cheap chargers, but recent research has shown they are not safe. [...]

Why Do Apple Chargers Always Break And What Can You Do About It?

If you’re in love with some of your can’t-do-without electronic devices like your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, join the club. Apple products are awesome, and anyone who has taken an awesome photo, asked Siri for directions, found a greasy spoon around the corner, and sent a whacky 20 second video clip to 500 people at [...]

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